Sketches of Hope

Sketch exhibition on August 15th 2015 to create awareness on violence against women  

Sketches Of Hope serves to be a campaign that aims to inspire change, inciting emotions and aspirations. The exhibition was manifested in an attempt to raise cognisance against the problem of women abuse that runs prevalent within India today. Even with our world moving towards a progressive future, India is stuck between the transition of gender equality, amongst others, due to some obstinate aspects of society. In many cities across the diverse nation, it is unsafe for women to venture out at night because they are seen as ‘weak’ or ‘inferior’; for women bear the unjust marks that their gender has presumably imposed on them. But it is time to change, to move society towards a more idyllic future. That is why I created the exhibition - I wanted to play my part in countering deeply entrenched values that lie hidden underneath a thin facade of understanding and peace.

The exhibition encompasses pieces that range from sculptures to mixed media to paintings; works which are either abstract or representational, or maybe both at once. The pieces are sated with myriad colors and are very diverse- some are satiated with halcyon hues, whereas others encapsulate only a black and white view of the world. Each piece is raised on a pedestal or frame and positions itself to incite thought within the viewer, to initiate a long awaited change. 

Sketches Of Hope debuted on August 15th 2015 and saw the participation of hundreds of individuals and was an initiative that was aided by the Rotaract Club. The event created awareness on the violence against women and helped to support the work of the Women’s Help Center (WHC) - an organisation that provides temporary shelter and support systems for abused and marginalized women.

Dear friends of Sketchpaint,

Sketchpaint relies on the generosity of donors, sponsors, and friends like you to help support the work of the Women’s Help Center.   Please join our community of supporters and make a donation today to help us reach our goal of raising $2,500 in 2015. Your donation enables Sketchpaint to advance the power of art to address critical social issues. If everyone reading this makes a donation of $15, we will reach out goal for 2015. Thank you for your support!

Roshan Babu

2014 summer @ RISD

Also working on Drone technology for safety of women

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